Olympia Cash Drawer Magic Touch

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Olympia Cash Drawer Magic Touch

With its eight bill compartments and eight coin compartments, its extremely stable, yet cheap OLYMPIA cash drawer "Magic Touch" is an optimal solution. With its variable subdivisions it is used everywhere, where significant amounts of small change and bills are needed. With the push button the metal drawer can easily and conveniently be opened. The coin insert with eight coin compartments variable can be taken out separately. Receipts can be deposited by inserting into the front slots of the drawer safely below the coin insert. Whether at the office or the sales counter, the "Magic Touch" can be anywhere.

  • stable, neutral gray metal housing, dimensions: L = 415 mm, W = 410 mm, H = 110 mm
  • Metal drawer, lockable, 2 front slots for receipts
  • open with a slight pressure on the front of the drawer
  • 8 bill pockets (2 x 4 horizontal), removable
  • separately removable coin insert with 8 adjustable coin compartments

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