Espresso Maker "ELEGANCE" Gold, 6 cups, Brand: Pintinox

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Espresso Maker "ELEGANCE" Gold, 6 cups, Brand: Pintinox

Exclusive innovation - maximum hygiene - rust-free. This espresso maker combines elegance, design and quality, to make sure your coffee keeps its authentic taste. Designed and produced in Italy.

Pintinox is known especially from the professional Gastronomy, in this area the company is already the 3rd biggest producer in Europe. 

  • Stainless-steel 18/10 high quality and innovative design
  • changeable silicone ribbon provides the espresso maker with a unique design. 
  • Elegance Colours comes in Gold, changeable ribbons in Purple, Blue, Green, Orange and Red (can be bought separately)
  • suitable for every stove inkl. induction
  • handle provides heat resistance
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