Magic Maxx Premium Set 1 Spell garden hose and multifunctional shower

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Magic Maxx Premium Set 1 Spell garden hose and multifunctional shower

Product details:

The tedious work with your old garden hose, the twists, is too heavy and can be wound up only obtain an end with the MAGIC MAXX garden hose. Once you connect the hose (2 plug connector adapters are included) provide and water pressure on the garden hose it expands and extends to a length of 7.50 m. This hose is not twisted and once you turn off the water it contracts again. Unlike the conventional garden hose this is very easy.

  • The MAGIC MAXX can to taps with 26.5 mm thread or on all standard hose connector plug systems, inter alia, Gardena, Wolf, Kärcher, etc., are attached.
  • With the "Magic Maxx" garden shower 7in1 now transform any standard garden hose into a versatile all-rounder.
  • By 7 different settings (from pencil jet to a fine mist) the diversity of applications are almost limitless.
  • Ideally suited for gentle and Versatile watering garden, flower beds and flowers.
  • Ideal for thorough cleaning of terrace, car window u.v.m.
  • Suitable for all German Hose Systems
  • Dimensions Tube: length about 7.5 m
  • Weight: 290 grams
  • Robust double wall construction
  • Material: Polyester, TPE, pvc


  • MAGIC MAXX garden hose
  • 2 x push-in fitting adapter
  • 1 x Magic Maxx multifunction shower 7in1
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