OLYMPIA Alarm System Protect Starter Set 2 x motion detector and outdoor siren

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OLYMPIA Alarm System Protect Starter Set 2 x motion detector and outdoor siren

OLYMPIA Alarm System Starter set consists of the alarm system protect 6030 with 2 motion detectors and one outdoor siren 

Product details:

Alarm System Protect 6030:

  • Integrated telephone dialing unit 
  • Big, illuminated LC-Display with each 13-digit numeric and alphabetical display 
  • Display Illumination color according to status blue or yellow
  • Hands-free / room monitoring on the base station 
  • Up to 10 phone numbers are programable 
  • Automatically dials the next phonenumber when number is "occupied" 
  • Acoustic alarm via integrated siren
  • Alarm notification to external telephones ( e.g. mobile phone) programable 
  • Telephone alarm with automatic announcement 
  • Maximal recording time for announcements up to 4 minutes
  • Single announcement for each sensor with up to max. 10 sec.
  • Warning when batteries are low 
  • Power black out safety at the base station
  • Alarm mode - silent mode – at home mode – unsharp mode – room monitoring – Hands-free from external phone can be switched on/off 
  • Can be mounted on wall 
  • Extendable to up to 32 sensors 
  • Easy to connect optional sensors (plug&play)

Motion detector for radio-alarm system model protect series:

  • Security of bigger areas such as terraces, winter garden, stairways, cellars, attics and others 
  • Motion detector (PIR-Sensor); PIR = Passiv InfraRed
  • Pyroelectric Dual-Sensor
  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • Range up to 8m, horizontal 120° angle 
  • Range is adjustable horizontal and vertical ( 64°) 
  • Battery powered
  • Battery lifespan in stand by mode up to 1 year
  • Warning when battery is low
  • Splash water resistant, temperature range -10° to 50°C 
  • Can be used in inside- and rain protected outside areas 

Outdoor siren for radio alarm system 

  • compact Wirbels outdoor sirens 
  • Acoustic and visual alarm in outdoor areas 
  • Extra loud with 105 dB for acoustic alarm
  • Super bright LEDs for visual alarm
  • Alarm duration (1 bis 10 Minuten)
  • Up to 5 outdoor sirens can be registered at a base station 
  • Splash water resistant according to IP 54
  • Battery powered (4 x AA Alkaline)
  • Combined control light/button show status
  • Warning when batterie is low
  • Can be mounted on the wall 


Scope of delivery:

1 Base station, 2 door/window contacts, 1 remote control, 1 power pack, 1 telephone conector cable, batteries, manual, 2 motion detectors, 2 flexible wall mounts, 4 AAA batteries, 1 outdoor siren, 4 batteries Type AA 

Please note: This product is equipped with a german standard plug and will be adapted by us to a British standard plug when ordered from GB.

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