OLYMPIA PA 100 Panic Alarm, pink

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OLYMPIA PA 100 Panic Alarm, pink
  • Compact: the little Panic Alarm (75x45x15 mm, 24,5 g) is a mobile alarm device. No matter if you clip it on your belt, use it as key chain or put it in your pocket - there will always be enough space for it.
  • Helpful: Its loud alarm sound ( 100 db ) not only helps to intimidate human aggressors, but can also be used to draw attention when medical help or avoid animal attacks 
  • Unconventional: It is a great alternative for pepper spray, the alarm is activated immediately and there is no danger of hurting yourself.
  • Useful: You can not only alienate and discourage attackers, but its integrated, bright LED flash light is also a helpful tool at night.
  • Scope of delivery: 1x Panic Alarm, 3x Batteries LR44, Manual


With our Panic Alarm you can finally feel safe at night again. Equipped with a 100 db loud alarm sound which is activated by pressing the 2 buttons on the side, it is very compact and fits into your trouser pockets so it is handy at all times to quickly and effectively draw attention. It is also useful for elderly who fell or got into other emergency situations. 
Unlike pepper spray, our Panic Alarm is completely safe and there is no risk of harming yourself ( or it is used against you). Furthermore its integrated LED flash light is a helpful tool at night. 

  • Colour: pink
  • Measurements: 75 x 45 x 15 mm 
  • Weight: 24,5 g
  • Alarm volume: 100 dB* /  84,2dB(A)**
  • Scope of delivery: 1x Panic Alarm, 3x batteries LR44, Manual

*measured right in front of sound converter
** measured in 1 m distance 

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