Premium Party Set Large

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Premium Party Set Large

Sensational Party Set for any kind of Party. Suitable for anyone who likes wonderfully funny party gadgets. 

Scope of delivery:

  1. 12 x LED Drinking Cup
  2. 4 x LED Schnapps Glass
  3. Set of 3 LED Deco-Ice Cubes
  4. Electric Barkeeper, Unhold
  5. 3 x Glow Stick Stirring Staff
  6. 12 x Glowing Ear Clips 
  7. 4 x LED Foam Material Staff
  8. Champagne Confetti Shooter PKS 30

1. 12 x LED Drinking Cup

  • 3 colors of LED Lights (red, green, blue) incorporated into the Cups Bottom
  • 3 Light modes (colors blink rotational, colors blink at the same time, colors glow constantly)
  • ON/OFF Switch at the Bottom
  • Powered by 3 changeable Button Cells ( AG13/LR44) - these are included 
  • Capacity: 340ml
  • Dimensions: Height 14,7 cm, Ø 6,8 cm
  • Please do not dunk the cups bottom. Not suitable for dishwasher


2. 4 x LED Schnapps Glass

  • LED lights (red, green or blue) incorporated in the bottom 
  • 3 Light modes ( blinking, blinking with interruption and constantly glowing) 
  • ON/OFF Switch at the bottom
  • Powered by 3 integrated Button Cells ( AG13/LR44)- not changeable 
  • Capacity: 60 ml
  • Dimensions: Height 6,1 cm, Ø 6,8 cm


3. Set of 3 LED Deco-Ice Cubes

  • A LED (red green or blue) brings the LED Ice cube to glow
  • 3 Light modes ( blinking, blinking with interruption and constantly glowing ) 
  • ON/OFF Switch on the Bottom 
  • Powered by 3 integrated Button Cells ( AG13/LR44) - not changeable 
  • Not suitable for cooling drinks 
  • 3 LED - Ice Cubes in one Set ( 1 red, 1 green, 1 blue)  
  • Dimensions: 3,5 x 3,5 x 3,5 cm


4. Electric Barkeeper, Unhold

 Cocktails, shakes and drinks -  do it yourself! 

Become a famous bartender at home. The bartender of Unold makes it possible. Whether Cocktail, Milkshake, fitness or diet drink, the automatic mixer knows limits. The bartenders are trendy in the trendy colors of white, orange and green. The bartender is also available as a set in the chic texted design with stainless steel stand and many accessories such as fruit and ice tongs, corkscrew, cap opener and bar knife. Well then, viva la Margherita.

Product details:

  • Regardless power by battery (not included)
  • 600 ml beaker for delicious drinks, minimum 100 ml
  • Measurement scale in ml / Oz
  • Indicator light
  • Weight: 0,57 kg
  • For cocktails, milk shakes, fitness and diet drinks
  • Automatic mixing and pouring
  • Elegant pouring touch of a button

5. 3 x Glow Stick Stirring Staff

  • 3 x Glowing Stirring Staffs ( 3 packs of 4 sticks )
  • Simply bend, shake and the stick will glow in blue, red, green or yellow neon colors for many hours 
  • Glowing duration: 8-10 hours


6. 12 x Glowing Ear Clips 

  • The neon glow ear clips are simple and fast to use
  • They come in intense blue, red green and yellow colors and glow for many hours. A true Highlight for every party or festival. 
  • Glowing duration: 6 hours


7. 4 x LED Foam Material Staff

Ideal tool for every party, concert and other Occasions.

  • 3 LEDs (RGB)

  • Dimensions: 48 cm x 4 cm (HxØ)

  • Weight: 21 g

  • Power Supply: 3 x Alkaline-ButtoncellLR44/AG13/357 (will be delivered by us)

8. Champagne Confetti Shooter PKS 30:

This Confetti Party Canon is an effect full highlight for your party. Simply twist the bottle and let it rain colorful, sparkling hearts, stars and flowers

When activated the Bottle shoots confetti up to 8 meters in the air 

  • Easy to use - simply twist the bottle and the mechanism will be activated 
  • over 2000 sparkling hearts, stars, flowers, butterflies and slices in 10 different colors
  • Confetti weight: 24 g
  • Total weight: 241 g
  • Dimensions: 33 cm x 9 cm (HxØ)


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