H+H Solar Mole-EX MV 240

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H+H Solar Mole-EX MV 240

The effective solution for gardens, plots of land and campsites. A sound frequency which rodents find unpleasant together with vibrations drives moles, voles and shrews as soon as ants away permanently but gently without any use of chemicals.

The solar module installed in the upper section charges the integral rechargeable battery pack and ensures safe operation during the day and at night.


  • environmentally friendly and energy-saving
  • weather and UV resistant
  • no smoke or odors 
  • area of effectiveness: approx. 650 m2
  • operating voltage: 1.2 Volt via the integral rechargeable battery pack 
  • frequency: 400 - 1.000 Hz
  • signal interval: for a maximum of 2 seconds approx. every 45 seconds

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